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Where is my order?/How do I track my order?
We only track orders over 10 items. However, all packages are fully insured against loss, or damage. If your order is taking longer than expected, it is most likely caught up in customs, and will arrive soon, so please be patient, and don't worry! If your order still hasn't arrived after 30 working days (or 10 working days for the UK), please double check the shipping address is accurate, and email us. If you ordered on Etsy: please use Etsy's messaging system here to contact us. 

I only received part of my order?
For shipping insurance purposes, we occasionally ship multiple items in two separate packages. These are always shipped at the same time, and usually they arrive on the same day. However, occasionally they are separated during transit, and there can be 1-4 day delay between two packages arrival. 

Flat Packed Tattoos.
Unless you ordered gift shipping, boxes will arrive flat packed. This is to save on shipping costs. They are very easily re-assembled by folding back the top flap and popping the box open. 

Tattoo application, care, and instructions.
If you ordered our original style tattoos: when peeling, bend the very edge of the tattoo first, to separate the tattoo from the backing paper efficiently! These tattoos use a very strong glue, and must be peeled with care. To apply: peel the clear film from the tattoo, and apply to clean, dry skin, image side down. Rub well, pressing firmly onto the skin. Wet the backing paper lightly with a damp cloth or tissue. Press down firmly, then carefully peel/slide off the backing paper. Leave to dry for 5 minutes before dressing etc. For best results, our tattoos should be used within 2 months of purchase, and stored in a cool, dry environment.

Do you offer affiliation/collaborations?
We are not accepting collaborations during this time, however, Etsy have an affiliate programme here, where you can promote our products for up to 8% commission on any sales you make (you are welcome to use any of our product photography for this purpose, there are a lot of great photos on our Etsy, Tumblr, or Press Pack). 

Do you ship to ...?
We ship anywhere in the world. 

I have a Press/Media Enquiry
Here is our press pack. Feel free to contact us with any questions or photo requests. You are welcome to display any of our photos on your website, news article, printed or social media, on the condition you provide a link/credit back to us.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders
We offer wholesale pricing, for orders over 50 packs. Please click here to purchase direct, or email us for a custom quote.

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